Shiny cutlery, minimal effort

Arthur Price has created an excellent Easy-Care range which includes time-saving items such as a cloth, polish, foam and mitts. This specially designed range of care items will help minimise the effort required to care for your cutlery and silverware, giving you more time to enjoy using it in perfect condition.

  • Silver Foam

    Image of Silver Foam

    Silver Foam - add water to the foam to get a strong cleaning product that is ideal for removing heavy dirt from your silver items and is particularly suited to using on patterned items.


  • Pair of Polishing Mitts

    Image of Pair of Polishing Mitts

    Pair of Polishing Mitts - impregnated with special silver cleaning agent, ideally suited to 'buffing up' your silver items.


  • Cutlery Roll

    Image of Cutlery Roll

    A quality Cutlery Roll, ideal for keeping any type of cutlery in good condition. Each roll can hold up to 12 pieces of cutlery.