A great year to celebrate being British


As a family-owned British company we're really excited about all the exciting events that have been taking place in our great nation this year.


From the Jubilee to the Olympics - there's something to make each and every one of us feel proud.


We've even introduced some limited edition products to help us celebrate this unique year in our history.

A Diamond Year

To celebrate Her Majesty The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, Arthur Price of England has created a series of strictly limited edition 60-piece canteens that proudly display The Royal Mint’s officially approved £5 coin.


Available in each of our beautiful Arthur Price of England designs the canteens come with a signed certificate of authenication.


We pay tribute to our Queen who has reigned with grace and dignity for 60 years.

Laurence launches 'Celebrations'


Laurence is brimming with national pride in 2012, which sees the launch of a pair of ‘Celebration’ themed mugs that complements his existing ‘Mugnificent’ range of fine bone china mugs.



The first design ‘I dream of queenie’ pays tribute to The Queen’s Jubilee; featuring a bold purple design the mug is emblazoned with an irreverent twist of the phrase made famous by Marilyn Monroe.



The Celebration mugs are supplied in a commemorative gift box and retail for £7.50 each.

Here comes Mugly Betty


The second Celebrations mug is an intricately patterned piece incorporating heart shaped Union Flags throughout. Laurence explains his inspiration for the designs:


“I love being British. 2012 is such an exciting year in terms of how we present ourselves to the world. I want to extol a sense of patriotism, as well as glorify our amazing heritage. Tea drinking is something of a cultish ceremony in the UK which is why the mugs are an ideal platform for expressing that jingoism in a fun, playful manner.”


Celebration is a great reflection of Arthur Price’s values as a British, family-owned company and these designs make great collector’s pieces.