Arthur Price History


One of the great things about being a family-owned business is that we understand the importance of building and maintaining strong, positive relationships and pulling together for a common cause. This rule of thumb applies to every single member of the Arthur Price team and we’re incredibly fortunate to have many dedicated members of staff, all of whom believe in the importance of great customer service.

Additionally, in recent years, we’ve had the privilege of collaborating with some exceptionally talented people. We like to think of our associated designers as part of our extended family. Each of the designers we work with brings a new dimension to the overall collection, ensuring that you, the customer, are spoilt for choice.

Our collaborations range from the inimitable Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen to award-winning jeweller Nicholas James, as well as master of luxurious interior design, Clive Christian, and Sophie Conran, the designer and cookery writer with an exceptional pedigree.

I hope you enjoy learning about the innovative work that we’ve been doing with our fantastic partners.

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen

The grand master of the decadent design flourish, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, has been working with us for over a decade. When Laurence’s cutlery range first launched in 2000, it really was the first designer cutlery on the market. His popularity as an interior designer from his regular TV appearances on the massively popular ‘Changing Rooms’ made Laurence a great ambassador for raising the profile of design; particularly for making people think differently about the everyday items that are used in the home, such as cutlery. Click here to view the range. 

Sophie Conran

In 2010, we were delighted to launch a new range of cutlery produced in collaboration with renowned cookery and lifestyle writer, entrepreneur and designer Sophie Conran.

Sophie, a busy mother of two, has an innate understanding of the importance of practical homeware. She knows beautifully made, quality items should give pleasure and good service at every mealtime without sacrificing style and elegance – principles that we at Arthur Price have embraced for over 100 years.

Sophie’s sophisticated ‘Rivelin’ collection has a wonderfully graceful feel that draws on her own inspirations; classic designs, innovative craftsmanship and all that happens around the kitchen table. Click here to view the range. 

Clive Christian

Clive Christian is a British designer with a passion for luxury and a philosophy no more complex than the desire to be “the best in class”. With his eponymous brand, Clive Christian is undoubtedly a unique and influential force within today’s British interiors industry.

Designing an exclusive range for our Arthur Price of England brand, Clive Christian has created the exceptionally lavish Empire Flame. Clive Christian’s partnership with us has been driven by a shared and uncompromising commitment to design excellence and absolute quality.

Unashamedly flamboyant, intricately detailed and richly embellished with stunning gold accents, Empire Flame is the epitome of luxury, timelessness and beauty.

These three defining qualities can be seen throughout Clive Christian’s work; they link the different facets that make up a truly unique design house with a passion to endure as a future British icon.

“Design it first – to be the absolute best it can be – then cost it.” Clive Christian. Click here to view the range.