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18+ Age restricted items – Changes to sales and delivery.

Change to UK law means that all knives including cutlery knives are now 18+ age restricted items. To ensure compliance with this new law Arthur Price has utilised age verification software through a third party supplier, Yoti. There will be a few small changes to allow for age verification compliance to take place at checkout.

What we are doing

We use Yoti age identity software to verify your age. You will be directed to an age verification page when you add a product containing a knife to your basket. It’s a very quick, simple and secure verification process that should take no longer than one minute and once complete you will be automatically redirected to your Arthur Price basket where you can complete your transaction.

How it works

Yoti provide a minimisation approach that encourages business to only request the details they need from the customer, not all their personal details. You will be prompted with simple steps to complete age verification.

Protecting our customers

Any data you share with Arthur Price is securely encrypted, so you can feel safe sharing personal information with Arthur Price. Yoti’s systems are architected in a way that means they cannot sell customer information to third parties for marketing or any other purposes.

DPD Changes

DPD will not deliver 18+ Age Restricted Items to the following options:

  • DPD ‘Drop-off shop’
  • Leave with neighbour
  • Leave in a safe place
  • Deliver to locker

DPD will send an SMS delivery notification to your UK mobile phone number with the details of your delivery date/time.

The driver will only attempt delivery of an 18+ Age Restricted Item once. You will need to be available to provide the relevant information. If you are not available, it will be returned to Arthur Price.

Need more information

Please contact our Customer Services Team: if you have any additional questions about the Yoti age verification process.