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Carving your Christmas turkey with Arthur Price


Christmas Day is coming, fast – and we have some tips to get your turkey looking delectable at your dinner table. If you’re hosting for the first time or if you’re a seasoned pro for all things festive, Arthur Price is happy to lend a helping hand to get you carving like a professional in no time.

A whole roasted turkey is an impressive sight, but so is a well-arranged platter of sliced meat. It’s also much easier from a serving perspective to carve before placing the turkey on the table.

First, make sure you have the right equipment to carve your turkey: a warm serving platter, a pair of kitchen scissors, a sharp slicing knife and a carving fork – make sure you don’t pick up a knife with a serrated blade, as this will tear the meat. We have an exceptional selection of three-piece carving sets at Arthur Price with a wide range of styles to choose from – you can browse the range here.

Once you’ve taken your turkey out of the oven, let it stand for around half an hour so the juices can saturate the meat. Transfer the turkey to a carving board and cut the string with scissors, then we get to the main event:

Remove the drumsticks – place the knife against the thigh and cut down. Apply pressure at the joint with the knifepoint and twist the knife to cut through. Repeat the other side.

Remove the stuffing – make an oval incision at the neck of the turkey then use a long-handled spoon to scoop out the stuffing. Pop this into a serving bowl.

Slice the thigh meat – use your sharp knife to cut away the tender thigh meat from the bone.

Slice the breast – first, place the knife horizontally at the bottom curve of the turkey’s breast and slice in towards the ribcage to create a guide. Then, slice vertically from the top down alongside the ribcage to create medallion slices – make sure you preserve some of the skin on each piece!

Wings – place the knife at the first wing joint, insert the knifepoint and twist. Repeat the other side.

Use your carving knife and fork to transfer all of your turkey pieces to a decorative serving platter – make sure it’s warm to keep your turkey toasty. Your turkey is then ready to serve, along with all the trimmings you’ve prepared!

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Finally, Merry Christmas from all at Arthur Price.