Quick beef tagine

Recipe for 4


200g    Potatoes

4x           Shallots

800g      Beef (fillet, sirloin or rump)

200g      Dried apricots

1 tbsp     Olive oil

2 tsp       Baharat spice

2 tsp       Ras el hanout spice

¼ pt        Puréed tomatoes

¼ pt       Gravy

200g      Almonds



Chop potatoes and shallots extremely finely

Chop beef into chunks

Chop dried apricots

Pour olive oil, shallots and potatoes into pan and fry off

Add beef chunks to bowl and mix with baharat and ras el hanout

Add beef to pan and fry for 2 mins, then add almonds and fry off for 1 minute

Then add the apricots, puréed tomatoes and gravy, and simmer for 2 minutes