A Titanic tale from Arthur Price

On 10th April 1912, RMS Titanic known as the ‘ship of dreams’ launched from Southampton, bound for New York – we all know how the story ended, but did you know that it was the largest moving object ever built and the most luxurious liner of its era?

The RMS Titanic’s wreck - which lay untouched for more than 70 years on the seabed - is believed to still house the original cutlery on-board. This cutlery was designed by none other than Arthur Price himself for the RMS Titanic’s Captain’s Table and first class passengers, exemplifying the luxury and quality chosen to adorn the White Star Line’s pride and joy.

In 1997, James Cameron’s ‘Titanic’ motion picture was released, an epic, action-packed romance. In an effort to remain historically accurate, Arthur Price was offered the unique opportunity to create a faithful reproduction of the original cutlery design for the motion picture – how could we possibly refuse?

Almost two decades on and James Cameron’s box office hit starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet and Arthur Price cutlery is still regarded as one of the most successful films ever made.

In 2012, Arthur Price first started making commemorative Titanic cutlery to mark the ship’s 100-year anniversary, and with the epic film’s 20th anniversary in 2017, now is the perfect time to purchase the elegant and unique Titanic Luxury Cutlery range from Arthur Price, with intricate detail and craftsman quality for further generations to enjoy and appreciate.