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Think Merrythoughts… Arthur Bear certainly does

You may have noticed our characterful, loveable teddy bear named Arthur, carefully created by distinguished British teddy bear makers Merrythought, which is a family business just like Arthur Price. Many people have asked how our premium, furry mascot was made, so we’re here to tell you!

Arthur Bear’s story started in Ironbridge, where Merrythought has been making high-quality teddy bears since 1930. Still situated in their original workshop in the heart of Shropshire, each soft toy is expertly crafted using luxury materials and traditional craftsmanship that has been handed down through four generations.

Arthur is a Shrewsbury bear, with a delightful smile and truly timeless design. As one of Merrythought’s most popular classic bears, Shrewsbury is special, handmade from the softest golden mohair, with milk-chocolate wool felt paws, filled with beans and brought to life with fully jointed arms, legs and head. Arthur Bear even has a premium, custom-made velvet Arthur Price-purple bow tie. He looks rather dashing, don’t you think? Here’s how he came to life:

Step 1: The best quality mohair plush was selected and neatly cut to the Shrewsbury bear’s unique set of patterns, based on original templates from the earliest Merrythought years.

Step 2: Incorporating other natural fabrics, such as wool felt and cotton, the pieces were expertly worked with traditional needle and thread to form each part of Arthur bear.

Step 3: Arthur Bear’s eyes, legs, arms and joints were skilfully sewn and assembled by hand, gradually creating his cheeky characteristics. Taking time to fill Arthur Bear to an optimum weight, he was then ready for the finishing touches; a carefully hand-embroidered nose and smile, a thorough brush and trim, and a neatly tied Arthur Price-purple ribbon bow.

Step 4: As a signature of quality, Arthur Bear was finished with a prestigious stamp of approval – the famous Merrythought gold-and-black label stitched to the right paw. Arthur Bear was then ready to start his journey as a lifelong family member at Arthur Price.

Since Arthur Bear joined the family, his big personality and cheeky character have stolen the hearts of many celebrities including Miss England, Tony Christie, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and Sophie Conran, and he has travelled the world in style. So far, Arthur Bear’s seen a lot of the world, including Iceland, Japan, Guatemala and Mexico. Where will he go next?

Just as only the best quality silverware bears the Arthur Price name, only soft toys of the highest quality are allowed to carry the trusted Merrythought label – and Arthur Bear is most certainly one of them.

Arthur Bear represents the values instilled in the Arthur Price brand – he exhibits the finest quality design and excellent craftsmanship, with a highly appealing personality. With a timeless design, our classic teddy bear is helping us to share our cherished brand with a new generation – follow @ArthurPrice1902 to keep tabs on what #ArthurBear is up to.