5 delicacies from around the world to try this summer

Summer has finally arrived, and we’re dreaming of summer BBQs, picnics…and our next holiday, of course! If you follow us on social media, you’ll know that our beloved mascot, Arthur Bear, is a very keen traveller indeed. This year he’s already been to Italy, Denmark, Gran Canaria, India, Switzerland and more. It’s alright for some…

And while on his adventures, Arthur discovered some amazing local food that we think would be perfect for the warmer months. So, if you’re planning a summer dinner party, take a look at the five dishes below for some delicious inspiration.

1. Bruschetta (Italy)

Arthur visited Italy in May 2019 – going to the island of Capri and then to the lakes in the north. One of his favourite dishes was bruschetta, topped with fresh tomatoes and a balsamic glaze. This well-known antipasto can be eaten as a light summer meal, and is also perfect for summer entertaining.

2. Mango curry (India)

Arthur travelled to India in March 2019, visiting Jodhpur and the Taj Mahal. He discovered this tasty mango curry, made with yogurt, mango and jaggery. A brilliant dish for summer, this rich curry is also great for vegans!


3. Raclette (Switzerland)

When skiing in the Swiss Alps in spring 2019, Arthur ate a lot of melted raclette cheese. Using a raclette grill is a brilliant summer party idea, where the guests can cook almost anything to their taste – vegetables, peppers, cheese, seafood, meats…the possibilities are endless!


4. Gazpacho (Spain)

In March 2019, Arthur headed to Gran Canaria in Spain. Now, the idea of soup in summer may make you wince, but gazpacho is different. This cold tomato and bread-based soup is the perfect way to cool down after a long hot day – or a day lost in the Maspalomos sand dunes, in Arthur’s case!


5. Frikadeller (Denmark)

In April this year, Arthur visited the beautiful Aarhus in Denmark. He tried a number of local dishes, but his favourite was frikadeller, a fried flat meatball, served cold with potatoes, fried onions and parsley sauce. Doesn’t it look delicious?

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