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A little bit of luck can go a long way, especially in Lichfield!

 This summer The National Lottery has been celebrating some of the UK’s luckiest towns and cities, and Arthur Price were asked to join in with a special nationwide event that put a smile on people’s faces.

On a Friday like any other at the beginning of August, a team of butlers descended on Lichfield, the home of Arthur Price, dressed in tailcoats and wearing white gloves, speaking the Queen’s English with the intention of sharing the luck and love with the good folk of Lichfield with a series of acts of kindness. But why?

Lichfield is part of the WS postcode, which is one of luckiest areas in the Midlands. To celebrate, a team of butlers were dispatched to lucky Lichfield. The butlers’ aim was to finish everyone’s week with a smile on their face and a spring in their step by doing good deeds – helping carry people’s bags, walking old ladies across the roads, handing out sunflowers…just small, kind gestures – and as one of the biggest and long-established companies in the city, Arthur Price was chosen by The National Lottery to be a part of the day’s celebrations.

A company of butlers visited the Arthur Price Factory Shop to entertain and amaze customers and staff alike. They polished sterling silver, made sure not a fork was out of place on the displays and made customers cups of tea. And to share the luck and love on this special Friday, they even paid for some customers’ shopping, which went down rather well!

Arthur Price wholeheartedly joined in the celebrations with company CEO Simon Price, surprising staff by letting them leave one hour early at 4pm! The entire team cheered when Simon and his son James, with butlers either side, announced the kind gesture to an astonished workforce at a special meeting. And as the clock struck four, everyone couldn’t believe their luck when the butlers helped everyone to their car by carrying their briefcases and bags.

Arthur Price and the rest of lucky Lichfield would like to express their thanks to The National Lottery for spreading a sprinkling of luck to Arthur Price customers – although not every day can be as lucky as that random Friday in August, we’re sure that our stunning silverware will make your day that bit more special, and you can browse from the comfort of your home by exploring our website now!