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To infinity and beyond for Arthur Bear…

When Arthur Bear was born and welcomed into the Price family, it was always known that he would reach great heights and achieve spectacular things, especially for a fluffy little bear. He always showed such enthusiasm and determination, overcoming every obstacle said to be ‘too tough for a cuddly little bear’.

Well, since taking his first few steps on his furry, padded paws, Arthur Bear has stepped foot in many amazing places, travelling around the world on behalf of the Arthur Price name. He has gone far and wide to the corners of the globe, planting the Arthur Price flag as he goes and taking pictures to capture his many memories – but this year, he set his sights somewhere further afield… the moon!

Embarking on his most ambitious trip of all, passport in hand (as he wasn’t sure if he’d need it or not), Arthur Bear began by flying to the USA to begin his out-of-this-world adventure. At NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre near Orlando in Florida, Arthur Bear was strapped securely inside a rocket, trying to contain his feelings of nervousness and excitement, and was launched into the sky blisteringly quickly on the most important mission of his life.

On the long and difficult journey, Arthur Bear struggled to find his feet in the gravity-free environment, barely managing to eat and sleep with his space suit on, and his fur became very dry and matted. Arthur Bear wanted to go home, but the moon was incredibly close and it was too late to turn back. ‘Think Merrythoughts’, he repeated to himself, trying to keep his cool.

Following the rocket’s impact on the moon’s surface, Arthur Bear was initially a little shaken, but the adrenaline soon kicked in – he was on the moon! He put on his space helmet and found the rocket’s exit. As he stepped out, he said ‘That’s one small step for a bear, one giant leap for bearkind!’, then he crossed a nearby crater to plant his Arthur Price flag in the moon’s dry, crumbly surface.

It was a difficult descent back to Earth, having to break through the ozone layer and into the atmosphere, carefully aiming for a safe landing site, but it went ten times faster than the outbound journey – Arthur Bear had home in his sights and a warm cup of tea, a marmalade sandwich and a hot bath waiting for him at AP HQ.

At that moment, when Arthur Bear had safely alighted from his landing shuttle, he lifted his furry head to the sky, warmly looked towards the moon and imagined the Arthur Price flag proudly standing in the rocky ground of the Earth’s moon. Now, that’s really going the extra mile.