Make every mealtime even more special with Arthur Price

At Arthur Price, we want to help you make each mealtime as special as possible, which is why we’ve created a selection of dedicated cutlery and homeware to make every mouthful even more delicious. Take a look below to find your perfect design.

Despicable Me 3

If your little ones love this franchise as much as we do, then these homeware items will be the perfect addition to their mealtimes.


The newest addition to the Arthur Price family is the adorable Bambino collection, made out of environmentally-friendly materials to add a touch of sunshine to each dining experience.

Cherish Me

Practicality combines with comfort in the Arthur Price Cherish Me cutlery collection. With a design to suit your child’s personality you are sure to let them express themselves.

Arthur Price of England

Designed to be a lasting gift to be cherished for a lifetime, the Arthur Price of England collection describes true elegance. Discover the full collection here.

Despicable Me Activity Sheets

The fun doesn’t stop at mealtimes, as here we have a selection of downloadable activity sheets for your little ones to enjoy. 
With four options, don’t just pick one – have a go at them all!

Connect the cassettes

Can you figure out which cassette tape belongs to who?

Jail breakout!

Help Kevin guide the Minions to escape from jail.

Colouring in

Discover your inner artist and bring the Minions to life!

Colouring in

Sharpen your crayons and get colouring in!