This superb collection is characterised by dramatic, opulent designs to match your fine sense of style and good taste. A lifetime of dining pleasure is assured.

Sterling Silver Hollow Handle – Albany


Albany is a classically inspired Victorian pattern, with beautiful fluted handles.

Sterling Silver Hollow Handle – Empire

Empire is an evolution of the traditional Reed & Ribbon pattern. The design was used throughout many of the official residences and embassies of the British Empire during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Sterling Silver Hollow Handle – Feather Edge

Beautiful sweeping curves and a delicate engraved edge are key features of our Feather Edge cutlery.

Sterling Silver Hollow Handle – Gadroon

Gadrooning is any decorative motif consisting of a series of convex curves. Popular during the Italian Renaissance and in the 18th century, our Gadroon sterling silver hollow handle cutlery is based on an elaborate pattern brought to England by French silversmiths.

Sterling Silver Hollow Handle – Georgian

Each piece of our sterling silver hollow handle cutlery is made to order in Sheffield; handcrafted to your exact specifications by professional silversmiths dedicated to achieving the highest standards imaginable.


Sterling Silver Hollow Handle – Harley

Harley originated in the Art Deco period of the 1920s and 1930s. Its strong geometry reflects the clean bold lines that define the period and this sterling silver version is the absolute pinnacle of luxury dining.

Sterling Silver Hollow Handle – Jesmond

Characterised by exceptionally fluid lines, Jesmond incorporates an undulating border and an elegant scroll at the tip of the handle.