How to host the perfect Christmas dinner party

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! As the festive season unfolds, it’s time to transform your Christmas dinner party into an event that’ll be talked about for the next 365 days and beyond…

With Arthur Price tableware, your Christmas table can be a canvas for excellence, with festive finger food or a classic Christmas roast sitting centre stage as you entertain guests and make many happy memories.

Explore the enchanting world of Arthur Price tableware and transform your dinner party with a dash of refined elegance and Christmas magic.

Setting the stage

Step into a world of timeless elegance with our thoughtfully designed and carefully crafted cutlery collections. Whether you choose the classic allure of the Arthur Price Signature collection or the modern class of Monsoon, each piece is a masterpiece that adds a touch of opulence to your Christmas dinner. Let your table tell a story of refinement and style, setting the stage for a memorable feast.

Candlelit magic

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere wherever you take dinner with stylish candleholders. You can picture the scene now: laughter, clinking glasses and a soft, mesmerising glow cast over your festive table. The charming Arthur Price 3-Light Candelabra and Arthur Price Tall Candlestick with beaded edge design will make your Christmas dinner magical, so every party-goer can bask in the holiday spirit.

A toast to elegance

Raise a glass to joy and merriment with Arthur Price of England drink accessories. From drinks mats to a cocktail shaker, these additions ensure that every pour is a celebration in itself. Explore the collection to discover new ways to enhance your dinner party setting, and watch as your guests undoubtedly appreciate the extra sparkle that Arthur Price brings to each festive sip.

Christmas kitchen essentials

Perfect your Christmas dinner with some kitchen essentials. The 6 Piece Marble Knife Set and 6 Piece Oval Wooden Knife Set from Arthur Price are culinary companions that elevate your kitchen skills to new heights. Experience the precision and durability of Arthur Price knives, making the carving of the Christmas roast a joyous affair.

Home for the holidays

Extend the magic beyond the dining table with Arthur Price home accessories. From a Round Embossed Gallery Tray to hold trinkets to a Mounted Rose Bowl to display festive flower bunches, these items make thoughtful gifts or delightful additions to your home. Enrich the warm atmosphere with timeless beauty this December.

And remember! Make sure to place your order by 18th December  so your Arthur Price treasures arrive in time for Christmas.

Let Arthur Price be your trusted companion in creating a dinner party fit for royalty this Christmas season. From the first impression created by the exquisite cutlery to the final sip from their sophisticated drink accessories, your guests are guaranteed to enjoy an enchanting experience.

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