How to set the perfect table for Easter

Easter is a wonderful time to gather with friends and family for a delicious meal – and maybe an egg hunt or two. As you’re busy planning Easter gifts and the all-important dinner, it’s easy to put any thoughts about your table setting to the back of your mind.

But a beautifully set table can add an extra special touch to your gathering, so we’re here to give you some simple ideas to elevate your Easter table and make it one to remember.

Take a look below for some table-setting inspiration and decoration ideas for sophisticated Easter celebrations. 

Begin with a pastel tablecloth

As the first layer of your charming Easter table decorations, place a pastel-coloured tablecloth on your table. Choose a soft pink, lavender, baby blue or mint green for a subtle yet festive touch and create an elegant base for your other decorations and tableware. You could also add a textured or patterned table runner, like lace, for a graceful finishing touch.

Add a floral centrepiece

One of the simplest ways to add a festive touch to your Easter table is to place a floral centrepiece in the middle of your set-up. You could even pick flowers in pastel shades like pink, lavender, and yellow to complement the springtime theme. Place the flowers in a vase or create a more rustic look by arranging them in a watering can or basket. And lastly, why not add some greenery or Easter eggs to really play into the theme?

Lay the table with sophisticated cutlery

Thinking practically, a cutlery set is essential when it comes to laying a table. And on such an occasion, we think it’s worth bringing out the special sets! Consider using the Britannia or Old English sets for a timeless look, or the Arthur Price Signature Warwick or Sophie Conran Rivelin sets for a more modern touch.

Use napkin rings for a special touch

Add an extra flair to your table by tying a delicate ribbon around your cutlery or adding some colour to your napkins with a napkin ring. Easter-themed napkin rings are fairly easy to find nowadays, with Easter bunny ears and spring flowers as common styles. There’s also a variety of materials available, so you can choose neutral or pastel colours to best match the rest of your table décor.

Create your perfect ambience with candlesticks

Creating the right atmosphere is key to an enjoyable dinner, and what better way to create a special ambience than with some candles on your Easter table? With a pair of candlesticks or even a regal candelabra, you can find the perfect match for your table setting and light up your table ready for your delicious meal.

Set out placemats and coasters

Add some more delicate Easter details that don’t need to take centre stage to be effective. Placemats and coasters made of felt in bright colours are very popular around springtime and Easter. They look lovely while helping to protect the table and crockery too! These little details can go a long way in making your table look extra special.

Add place cards for your guests

Finalise your Easter dinner table setting with place cards for each of your guests. You can get creative and make them yourself for a rustic, homely feel or order some online for a more polished look. And if you wanted to, you could also use small chocolate eggs as place card holders, with each guest's name written on a small card tied to the egg with a ribbon.

All that’s left to do is to sit down with your loved ones and enjoy the day! We’d love to see your special festive Easter table settings! Send us your photos on Facebook (Arthur Price), Instagram (@arthurprice1902) and Twitter (@ArthurPrice1902).