Introducing William Hanson, the Arthur Price Etiquette Expert

At Arthur Price, we’re all about dressing your dining table to impress – but it’s not just about having a set of stunning cutlery! We’ve partnered with the UK’s leading etiquette coach and expert, William Hanson, to enlighten us with the history of customs, tastes and table manners.

It is true that cutlery has its own language – for example, how you place it on your plate after the meal speaks volumes!

William, who the Financial Times described as “special forces in the world of politeness”, believes that good manners are timeless, and he strives to make them accessible to everyone. He’s a best-selling author and has worked within royal and VIP households, while also advising several multi-national luxury brands such as Bentley and Champagne Bollinger. He is also Executive Director of The English Manner, the UK’s most established etiquette and protocol consultancy.

Over the past year, we’ve collaborated with William on a number of projects, as our very own Arthur Price Etiquette Expert. He’s provided us with some brilliant and informative etiquette videos, and we’ve also run a joint competition and quiz on social media, which helped our followers understand the world of etiquette in a fun way.

In the spring, he is embarking on his live tour, Teacups and Tiaras, where he’ll discuss everything from table manners to small talk – if you’re interested in table manners and how to wow at formal engagements, we can’t recommend William’s entertaining solo mission enough!

We can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store – watch this space for more exciting collaborations…


Etiquette quiz with William Hanson

And if you didn’t have the chance to take the etiquette quiz last year, here are three of the questions to test your knowledge. (Answers at the bottom of the page.)


Question one: How many tines does a cake fork have?

Question two: When served as a first course, asparagus is eaten with what?

Question three: In the UK, from which side of the diner does the food get served?



Answer one: b) three tines

Answer two: a) fingers

Answer three: a) on the left