Organising your very own coronation Big Lunch

If there’s one thing the British public knows how to do, it’s throw a street party. As many of us already know, these parties are particularly prominent when we have a royal occasion to celebrate – and what better excuse to get together with loved ones than crowning our new monarch?

This time, the Royal Family are encouraging the British public to plan their very own Big Lunch. That means anything from a quick cuppa with your next-door neighbour to dinner with the whole family to an exciting street party with your whole road counts!

Getting together with family, neighbours and other loved ones is a great way to share stories, create new memories and have fun while celebrating the royal event of the year: King Charles III’s coronation on 6th May.

Read on to find out how to plan your own Big Lunch.

  1. Spread the word

Organising a Big Lunch doesn't have to be a complicated affair. Start by picking a date and inviting your family and neighbours. Get creative with your invitations and perhaps even make some posters (something crafty children would love to get involved with) to spread the word.

Don't forget to publicise your event on social media too. Facebook pages for your local community are a great place to start!

  1. Plan your presentation

Making sure your Big Lunch looks good may not ultimately be the most important part of the event, but a beautiful presentation will definitely make a difference. To make the occasion extra special, get your community involved in creating homemade decorations or collect a fund to buy some streamers, bunting, small flags, napkins and anything else you can find!

You could even invite people to use chalk to decorate the pavement and make your street look really festive.

  1. Prepare for all weather

We know this goes without saying, but British weather is…unpredictable at the best of times! So even though spring should bring about blue skies and gentle warmth, you may find that the odd breeze or rain shower makes an appearance.

But that’s no bother! Just make sure you have gazebos on hand to cover any important outdoor set-ups, and encourage your guests to bring along layers and an umbrella to keep everyone dry.

  1. Nail the menu

Tickle your tastebuds by asking everyone to bring a dish or snack to share! From cakes and trifles to salads and picky bits, sharing the load of preparing food for a group not only relieves some pressure, but is also a great way to get everyone involved.

You could ask odd numbers to bring savoury items and evens to bring sweet items. Or keep it simple by asking people to bring their own lunch.

  1. Get ready to have some fun

Make sure you set a time for your Big Lunch, especially if it’s a big street party – so everyone comes out at the right moment. It would be great to have some music too, so why not see what local talent there is and organise a local live performance or sing-along? Don't forget to consider any licensing requirements.

Think about planning some activities too. From chalk-drawn floor games to getting-to-know-you quizzes, everyone will enjoy this entertainment – no matter their age!

So let's bring those near and dear to our hearts together. Basque in the warm spring weather and the joy of community with a Big Lunch to celebrate King Charles III’s coronation. Get started today and create memories that will last a lifetime.

And once your Big Lunch is over, don't forget to share some pictures with us on social media.

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