Hotel Services Cutlery

Make an impression with the Arthur Price cutlery collection to suit your establishment. With 26 exquisite patterns and 55 individual cutlery and hostess pieces, we have everything you need to curate the very best dressed tables.

Creating beautiful silverware has been our passion since 1902. Our dedication to quality, craftsmanship and customer service has led us to feature on the tables of esteemed hotel and catering names across the world. Join them by browsing the range below.

    219 products
    Georgian Salt and Pepper Mill
    Georgian Salt and Pepper Mill
    Sugar Bowl
    Cream/Milk Jug
    Hot Water Jug/ Coffee Pot Short Spout
    Tea Pot Long Spout
    Coffee Pot Long Spout
    Tea Strainer and Stand
    Tea Strainer and Stand
    Tea Strainer and Stand
    Old English Tongs with Serrated Edge
    Three or Four Bottle Cooler
    Three or Four Bottle Stand
    Three or Four Bottle Cooler and Stand
    Pagoda 3 Tier Plate Cake Stand
    2 Tier Cake Stand with Casting
    Bottle Coaster
    Toothpick Holder
    Café Tray
    Bread basket pierced
    Bread basket Plain
    Butter Dish and Drainer
    Chip Cone
    Tea Pot Short Spout
    Everyday Classic Willow
    Everyday Classic Rattail
    Everyday Classic Old English
    Everyday Classic Kings
    Everyday Classic Harley
    Everyday Classic Grecian
    Everyday Classic Dubarry
    Everyday Classic Britannia
    Everyday Classic Bead
    Everyday Classic Baguette
    Arthur Price Signature Warwick
    Arthur Price Signature Henley
    Arthur Price Signature Camelot
    Arthur Price Signature Cascade
    Arthur Price Signature Echo
    Iced Water Jug with Guard
    3 Bowl Snack Dish